02 dezembro, 2007

A Piano's student experience


A hard event is an adult beginning to learn play the piano. Because this to be an activity traditionally relegated to the childlike world, adults become rarities due their embarrassing in public apparitions, when they return to being as children among children sharing their same afflictions.

I began to study piano less than four years ago. At beginning I left from an educator's curiosity, whom wanted to investigate the education system chosen by Alice Botelho in her piano method “My funny piano”. My husband had begun his formal studies training in a small keyboard(four octaves midi controller), but when we brought our acoustic piano I began to study for myself at home accompanying the Alice Botelho’s method, already was ending by him.

I was advancing gradually, without haste or regularity with hope to devote myself formally studying piano after my retirement. So when I was very occupied in my job, I used to stay off the piano study one or more weeks.
One year later I got play a duo piano piece together my husband, which we played in a show at piano’s teacher school. On this day I discovered some things: the fingers suffer three phases in public presentations - first they freeze, later they sweat in the tips and finally they shudder. After the presentation the teacher pointed out me about my linked notes fault execution and she gives me some exercises to practice. Six months later, after my second participation’s show I was received the same criticism about my misunderstanding’s execution.

Then I decided to enroll and to study formally, so it is still lacking much time for my retirement and I could acquire many vices difficult to correct. I began attend classes on August 2005, having completed the novice level in six months. During March until December 2006 I completed the Preparatory level, accompanying “My Funny Piano” Volume II and “Pink Book” methods, which I loved to study. On March 2007 when I began the first grade, I can already witness the importance of the formal study, since my technical development became much bigger and the advancement more quickly.

Besides identifying the most necessary exercises to each student, a teacher puts us a discipline of study. At present, even when I am work overloaded, I undertake some time to study and at least, two hours of study happen, added to the classroom sixty minutes per week. Following the current rhythm, without hurries, when I will be retired I will be able to attend master classes. For while according to the present legislation, I still would lack more than 15 years and while the piano time study advances, more difficult will increase and I probably will need more time to jump beyond piano’s third level.

Which is the importance of piano study?
My educator’s work is a delight and will be more if the piano study it is giving me a new perspective about the learning new things, the necessary effort, the fear and nervousness in front of the public gave me opportunities to share situations and sensations sensed daily by my pupils.

The experience of beginning something new needs new physical and mental structures, supplying to educators more understanding about the apprenticeships processes. To learn play an instrument or to learn dance are playful ways to enable us to identify and to increase efficiency to deal with our pupils necessities. As Violeta Parra would say, pupils make us return to the past, we became fragile in a second, and they make us feel deeply like a child in front of God and make our time fertile.

Well, regarding my initial proposition I can conclude in fact about the efficiency of methodology developed by Alice Botelho. For everyone who wants to begin the piano study even in adult phase, since I by myself almost ended her first book. Therefore, I discovered the essentiality of formal study to the technical development, so because this, self-taught persons fill themselves with vices difficult to correct. So as soon as possible, a person must to begin formal studies to do the right thing. Also I am a living proof of possibility to begin learn piano after forty age, since we respect our personal rhythm and are not in a hurry. With calm we are managing to do things seemed at first sight to us impossible and whenever we study, realize that the music is filling out spaces in our soul.

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