22 dezembro, 2007

Chemical Illusions on Diets

When I stopped using the appetite moderator, I was left without satiety sensation, for around approximately three years. Nothing I was eating was putting myself satisfied!
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My relatives started to watch my food, controlling the quantity consumed, foods types and so on. I started to hate my body, to feel awfully and that was resulting in more hunger! Therefore, I began to eat hidden, only increasing my guilt, which enlarged more my appetite! My hunger was infinite during three years from 17 to the 20 years old. Therefore, besides I to have recovered ten kilograms that had been painful lost, I’d acquired plus twenty weight! This was little in absolute numbers, but since I have only height of 1,54m, I was severely affected. Nevertheless, the plus weight wasn’t an unsupportable fact due to the foods’ quality that I was eating, since they were moreover not industrialized. However, my diet was based on refined food that had contained chemical additives through the commercial flavorings, specially the famous concentrated chicken and beef broth flavor!

I did take an important decision at 20 years age: I WOULDN’T APART ME FROM THE OTHERS WHILE EATING ANYMORE! In a certain point this marked the first peace agreement with my body, since I would respect it and would defend its hungry sensation in front of anybody and AGAINST all, if it would needed. Inexplicably my appetite reduced and, still maintaining the same type of foods, I lost ten kilograms up to 21 years old. Therefore, while beginning a walk towards the body’s peace, I had discovered the next step of the ecological diet!

STEP THREE: Never use appetite moderators, nor with medical prescription! The appetite moderators affect the cerebral functioning, terminating by the deregulation of the satiety sensation. While stopping using the appetite moderator we do not feel any more satiety, since this stimulus was not arrived through the normal routes received from several signs sent by the organism, but through chemical substances acting directly over the neurons disconnected with the real homeostasis or physical balance. If my physician had patience, not prescribing me any moderator and if had given time to my body, the balanced diet prescribed by him would have been effective. Certainly, it would take more time and the effects would be less expressive, since I would not have reached the "ideal" weight table. However, it would have reached and remained with the normal weight, because under the moderator effect, I confess to have eaten less than he had prescribed, what did carry my body to a physiological hunger state. In this way, when the stimulus of false satiety ceased, I began to feel a physiological hunger what added up to the emotional stress caused by the guiltiness returned uncontrollable. The physiological hunger is a problem that affects the people tending them to gain weight more easily than incline them to losing it and know to be able to turn round this problem will give the direction that we will take to build our ecological diet.

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by Gladis Franck da Cunha

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