17 dezembro, 2007

Body in terms of balance and remediation

The rediscovery of the personal beauty beyond the shape imposed by the market requires a new attitude before pressures exercised by society's corporal style patterns.

Speak again on the body ecology under a systemic point of view, when the organism is thinking in its mechanism and functioning as a movable ecosystem, the concepts must be applied on it in terms of ecosystem balance and remediation.

How previously we had seen on “STEP ONE”, the ecological diet is the beauty’s rediscovery, escaping from standardized models and discerning a particular beauty. I remember very well a job’s former colleague, when I worked in the Bank of Brazil, who was little obese but enchanting. She was wearing a very interesting and colorful clothes, she was one of those persons for whom we liked to look. However, in the last times of our companionship, she had begun a diet and when several kilograms were lost, with them she had lost also great part of her beauty, the face had lost the vigor and the eyes the joy, the clothes became more sober and she was already passing more unnoticed. I do not know in what the process resulted, because I moved from that Bank Agency and the contact with her was missing, I never forgot the fact that was a lively proof of the distinction between slimness and beauty.

Beauty is resulting from a peace sensation between the mind and the body, which must accompany the processes of modification happened along the time. I do not want to defend here the idea of the people must remain obese, oppositely my search is for health and balance, but as much the health as much the ecosystem balance have relation to gradual and continuous changes and not to rush and radical processes. These processes are more connected to other imbalances, perhaps even more serious; what in case of the obese people have the tendency to going aggravating the disease.

Since I emphasized previously, we cannot wait to change after reaching the ideal beauty goal, if we are not able to explore our treasures from now, we will always be in search of a golden pot in the end of the rainbow and living a war state with our body. Now we will go to the next step!

Key words: obesity, diet, disease, ecosystem, balance and remediation, health, beauty

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by Gladis Franck da Cunha
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