07 dezembro, 2007

Body ecosystem

Nowadays the looking for the thinness beauty model does not have anything with take care of health, because between the extremes of fatness and slimness, there is a sickness industry of anorexic drugs and surgeries.

One of the worst global epidemics is obesity. Even in Brazil a poor country with its large miserable population proportion, the obesity assumes epidemic contour. The result of this disease appears through countless palliative diets forms, drugs and all types of plastic surgeries.

The problems of the palliative actions it is the high dangerousness implied, because jointly to the legal and efficient diet systems established, there are others without control or supervision, self-taught practiced with illegal drugs and surgeries made by unprepared surgeons. So, many individuals are unnecessarily submitted to such dangers, except the fat excess disease, there are many concerns about of the evil health of excessive slimness model, in this way the normality sense is a lost concept, unfortunately!

How the body’s ecology becomes in this context?
Well, first I want to define the body ecology concept, leaving from a systemic point of view in which the organism is considered as a whole and working, as an environment and not a thing. In other words, it is necessary to view the body as a movable ecosystem and the concepts must be applied on it in terms of balance and remediation of ecosystems. Therefore, if it is out of balance it are sick, in this way if a person is sick this means that he is unbalanced.

Regarding the body, we see nowadays more interest on the appearance than to the balance, so people do not get worry in submit themselves to cosmetic surgeries even when they are healthy, assuming unnecessary risks characteristic to any type of invasive interventions. The desire to acquire a certain appearance induce they to fearlessly submit themselves to the surgeons, without worries about the cicatrization processes, which can produce results very different from the expected, even all the rest had elapsed right.

Unfortunately, the current running in search of beauty travestied as path to the health, raises far from a search for the organic balance because directed almost exclusively to a shape, a model, which most times, is not adjusted to the biological constitution of the searcher.
Through this chronicle, I want to begin a movement towards to the human ecosystem-body balance, sharing my experiences and successes, started years later I was obese and asthmatic, but at present I maintain these two diseases under control through an ecologic diet, which consists in changing habits and refusing to suffer. This walk consists in many steps, some I needed to retreat and I had to correct others, so I will share an itinerary built along 26 years.

Step one: we should have begun for the rediscovery of the beauty. Without any change, all we have a natural and personal beauty, modifying itself along age. However, it is always present and we must to give worth it adjusting our clothes, our hair’s cut, our garnish choose, our gestures and mood. A good example of worth’s individual beauty is given by the presenter Jô Soares, who manages to be elegant, in spite of he not having thin body, nor young age, which are values standardized by the media as beauty meaning. I don’t want to affirm that should bad to be youth, tall and thin appearance, but I want to emphasize that also can be good to have more age, to be joyfully and to be able to wear nice clothes for each specific physical type. Finally, we cannot wait to change on a reaching beauty mirage, if we are not able to explore our treasures now, we will always be looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

key words: balance, health care, beauty concept, surgery, obesity, decease, anorexic drugs, fatness

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By: Gladis Franck da Cunha

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