21 dezembro, 2007

Becoming thin today, putting on weight tomorrow

STEP TWO: we should have establish a PEACE agreement with our body. This begins with the discover of the beauty and follows for the persuasion of the body to have its own intelligence, therefore being able to reach its ideal status of balance and shape.
The dance,  Matisse

The peace refereed, follows on the opposite direction by the seek for a silhouette and for a weight "idealized" by us. In other words, we should have entrusted that our body is intelligent and he will be able to reach the form and the weight you devise for our health.
Our task starts to create the ideal conditions so the body works in the more efficient manner and can reach its balance by itself. In this context, the next steps of the ecological diet are to raise actions that we will have to undertake to create the necessary conditions to the balance of our movable ecosystem or body.

Chemical Interventions: becoming thin today, putting on weight tomorrow.
Before advancing for the step three I am going to do a personal report of the periods of war and peace that I maintained with my body and of the results gathered from these contradictory psychological states. I was a normal child, not even thin not even fat, result of a standard of healthy food. When I was young most of the foods were prepared at home by my mother, since practically there were no industrialized products and with this they were not making part of the daily food chemical additives, preservatives, flavors, colorings, taste enhancers, acidulates, etc. So, I could eat of everything and nothing was prohibited me, except ice cream because my asthma bronquites. Parallel to the food chemicals additives absence I was able to play the childlike jokes settled in outdoor spaces and, even without being able to accompany my brothers and friends in all the rushes, I was an active child. In this period, I lived a full peace with my body, though without being conscious of that.

However, the adolescence came and my body assumed woman's curves leaving back the girl’s appearance. The beauty changed, but since this process happened in a very short space of time, between the eleven and I halve and the twelve and halve years old. Soon, I started to hear with great frequency the sentences: “Ours, since you put on weight!” “Gosh, how Gladis is fat!” Moreover, like any young adolescent and very immature, I began to feel myself blamed therefore. My body started to be an enemy and the food stopped being an act for the living assuming a protagonist's role, when it should be only a co-star. So, instead of eating to live, I started to live to the eating act.

By seeing old photos I realize how much the people were mistaken, so I was still normal, nor much fat and nor much thin. Only a changeable beauty has acquired new possibilities. Unfortunately, neither I, neither my neighborhood had not conceptual ways to deal appropriately with this question, me for immaturity and they for complete ignorance. So, without knowledge of cause, while waging war with my body and denying my beauty, I tipped totally over the ecosystem, assuming mistaken diets, in fact putting on weight. After I put on weight very much, keeping eight kilograms above what it would be my "NORMAL" weight. Then I did a strict diet, with medical attendance, because of not losing the quantity waited of weight in the first two weeks, I had to run over to appetite moderators prescribed by Physician! I finished become more than ten kilograms thinness in eight months reaching my “required” weight.

key words: diet, weight, thinness, silhouette, idealized image, changing mind, chemical additives

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by Gladis Franck da Cunha

Ilustration: Arte Movimento: Pandora

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